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New polisher

Facing the need and demand we have chosen to equip ourselves with a large capacity polisher that will simplify the work of our team, optimizing time and production performance.
The ability to lighten the tasks like removing rivets and making the finishes of the sheet will be faster than ever.
The processing of sheet metal has become a reference. Unique to the market, SBM-L realizes frosted, deburring and rounded edges inside and outside of the perforated plates, cut with laser or fine plasma.

Treatment of the two sides of the sheet forms in a single pass.

  • Deburring and rounded outer and outer contours.
  • Elimination of projections and splashes on the surface of the sheet.
  • The simultaneous treatment of both sides of the currencies in a single operation avoids a second pass through the machine and provides the reversion of the often heavy pieces.
  • Dry machining and without machining or sludge drying plants.
  • Wear of the optimum and uniform tool due to the abrasive elements cross-sectional work in relation to the movement of the piece of work.
  • Simple use and cleaning.
  • Compact and modular design with modern design.
  • High and low treatment units can be electrically activated and adjustable.
  • The various elements of the tool can be configured according to the client’s needs.
  • Ease of use thanks to the central control panel.
  • Fast change tool with voltage belts for a hydraulic cylinder.
  • Use the indicator tool.
  • All Lissmac process leaf machines can be interconnected through our innovative handling and material control.
  • Maximum productivity with a constant quality and a uniform treatment.
  • Better work environment without sparks, dust, dirt or noise.
  • Optimum ergonomics and simplified work is for the automated process
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