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Data protection policy


DOMOLI is committed to the protection and respect for your privacy. This privacy statement describes the rights that, in this matter, bear in relation to the information about you.
We are aware that it can be boring, but please read it carefully.


  1. What are the personal data.
  2. Who is responsibile for the  personal data.
  3. What personal data do we collect and process.
  4. What do we us personal information for.
  5. What does de law say.
  6. Ha de facilitar-nos la informació personal que hem sol·licitat.
  7. Should you provide us with the information we request
  8. How long we keep your personal data.
  9. Do we communicate your data to third parties.
  10. Do we communicate personal data outside  the European Union.
  11. What are your rights.
  12. IP adress and cookies.
  13. Makqueting.
  14. How to contact DOMOLI.
  15. How do we manage the changes to this statement.

1. What are the personal data?
The new General Regulation for Data Protection (GDPR) establishes a broader definition of the personal data concept. A personal data is any information, regardless of its nature and support in which it is presented, capable of identifying a person.
Some examples of categories of personal data compiled by DOMOLI are the following:

Identification and contact details: name, tax identification number (NIF), telephone, e-mail, address, location data, electronic identifiers (digital login credentials), and so on.
Relationship with DOMOLI: historical of services sought.
Interests and preferences related to the two previous categories.

2. Who is responsibile for the personal data?

DOMOLI, S.L. (B17095530)
C/del Vallespir, 7, 17800 Olot – Girona
+34 972 260 840

3. What personal data do we collect and process?
The personal information that Domoli collects includes, among others, the following information:

  • Your name, contact information.
  • If you sign up on our social networks; Your profile data.
  • If you contact Domoli, we can keep evidence of this communication.
  • Any information that you provide us when using our contact forms. In particular, name, surnames and email. The provision of your personal information through the contact forms is not a mandatory or contractual requirement. However, fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory because we need this information to meet or respond to your request. Other information that you share with us by completing the contact forms is in your sole discretion.
    We also collect information about visits to the website, but limited to the IP address, browser used, location, country, entries in the page and other communications of data and sources that are accessed. This information will make it easier for you to visit our website in the future.
  • We may also collect information for marketing and analysis purposes, including information about your response to emails, messages, calls, and other marketing campaigns. We will send you marketing communications when you expressly authorize us. You may cancel these communications at any time.

4. Why do we use personal information about you?
Domoli collects and processes personal information to:

  1. Facilitate our services.
  2. With your consent we may also use your personal information for marketing campaigns, for example, via email, messages or phone.
  3. Develop, test and improve our website or other processes or services, whether new or existing, and thus to offer a better profit. This situation mostly occurs in computer system environments, so that their information can be used for tests of these where the use of fictitious information does not allow to properly replicate the operations of the new computer system.
  4. To carry out studies and statistical and analytical investigations.
  5. Communicate data to third parties (see below).
  6. When necessary, comply with legal obligations.
  7. We may also use the information to:
  • Promote the security and protection of people, facilities, systems and assets.
  • Ensure compliance with internal policies and procedures.
  • Manage communications and other systems used by Domoli.
  • Investigate and manage incidents and claims.
  • Comply with the obligations and rights, as well as cooperate with any investigations carried out by the police, courts, regulators, etc.
  • Participate in any purchase, sale, acquisition, etc., current or potential of all or part of the business or company in which Domoli wants to participate.

5. What does the law say?
We are required by law to process the data we have on you under any of the legal bases that allow it.
When working with Domoli, the processing we carry out for these purposes is based on the fact that the treatment is necessary for the execution of a contract in which the interested party is a party, the treatment is necessary for the fulfillment of a legal obligation applicable to the person in charge of the treatment or in which the processing is necessary to satisfy the legitimate interests of Domoli in the exercise of his right and in that of his staff to be able to develop a business that does not endanger the interests or rights and freedoms fundamental to you When the mentioned treatment is necessary for the satisfaction of the interests of the company, we make sure that it is done so that it compensates for any individual interest. Outside the previous cases, we only process your personal information under your consent.

6. Should you provide us with the personal information we have requested?
Although you are not obligated to provide us with personal information, if you do not provide us, we will not be able to help you and we will not be able to provide any service.

7). Are we processing information about you?
Yes, we may do it sometime. DOMOLI can use automated systems / processes and automated decision-making and to provide you and our customers with the expected services. For example, we can use segments of clients and / or managers and managers of companies to establish the services that best suit their needs.

8. How long do we keep your personal information?
DOMOLI can maintain your personal information up to 3 years since the last interaction with us was registered or performed. We usually retain the data related to the payment of taxes, work contract and any financial information (including payroll data, proof of payment, etc., for 7 years.

9. Are we communicating the information to third parties?
Always with the prior consent of the interested party, except when there is a confidentiality agreement between DOMOLI and the company to which he or she transfers the data in which DOMOLI signs as Responsible for the treatment and the third company as Charged of treatment
As indicated above, we usually communicate your information to third parties. The purpose is to be able to realize the objectives already indicated and we do it under the following circumstances:

  • To our suppliers. Maybe, for example, we hire a provider to perform administrative tasks or operational work in support of our relationship with customers. The provider is subject to contractual and legal obligations to preserve the confidentiality of the data and protect the privacy and will only have access to the necessary data for the development of its functions: the most relevant suppliers are, in general, the companies with which we keep agreements; those of computer systems (those that support our computer systems, which include information about you), security companies (which guarantee the physical security of our facilities and, therefore, have to know who is granted the ” access) and financial support services and accounting management providers (who may need to manage personal data to proceed to the corresponding payment or collection).
  • To partners of DOMOLI that carry out different functions and, as a result, their information can be shared with them for different purposes.
  • We will share the information with those with whom, like the Administration, regulators or security forces and bodies, among others, we understand that we are legally obligated, authorized or considered necessary to do so.

10. Are we communicating personal data outside the European Unión?
Always with prior consent of the interested party. Less when there is a confidentiality agreement between DOMOLI and the company to which data are transferred.
DOMOLI may need to transfer and process personal information in countries within the EU.
If necessary, we will only transfer information to countries outside the EU when the European Commission has indicated that these countries offer an adequate level of protection for information or those in which DOMOLI has implemented sufficient guarantees to ensure the privacy of personal information.

11. What are your rights?
Right to access and obtain 1 copy of your personal information.
You have the right to request information about whether we treat any personal data. If so, you can access certain information about the way in which it is processed as well as request that we provide you with 1 copy in electronic support about your information.

Right to rectify personal information.
In the event that it shows that your personal information is incorrect, then you may be required to update or correct this information. However, we encourage you to directly access and update your personal information directly.

Right to forget or suppress information.
On certain occasions, you will have the right to request that we stop processing your personal information or that this information be deleted. The application can be submitted at any time and it will be DOMOLI who evaluates and bases if your application has to be granted. However, this right is subject to the legal requirements or obligations that may exist for which we must retain your information. For those cases where, in accordance with the rule, we determine that the request for cancellation of the data must be granted, DOMOLI will do so without incurring unnecessary delays. Keep in mind that, once the information is deleted, the company will not be able to continue to be helpful for the purposes mentioned. In the event that you want to re-establish relationships with the company, it will be necessary to return the information to DOMOLI again.

Right of opposition or limitation of treatment.
Insofar as the processing carried out by DOMOLI of your personal data is based on the legitimate interest of the same (and there is no other basis for the processing) or it refers to marketing actions, you will be legitimized to oppose – Whether or not to require the limitation of the processing of your data, for reasons related to your particular situation, to the processing carried out by the company of your data.
If you wish to exercise any of these rights, you can access your profile or send an email to

Right to portability.
Article 20 of the GDPR regulates the right to portability that complements the right of access, and will allow you to obtain data that you have provided in a structured, commonly used and mechanical reading format.

Right to file a complaint with the corresponding control authority.
Spanish Agency for Data Protection.
When I contact you for the exercise of the aforementioned rights, DOMOLI will be able to request that it be identified properly before being able to proceed to the request.

Finally, indicate that you have the right to file a complaint with the competent authority in the field of data protection of the place of residence or work, or in the place where it considers that there has been an incident related to your information staff.

12. IP adres and cookies.
We collect information about your computer, including your IP address (if available), operating system and browser type for system administration. These are statistical data on users’ actions and navigation models, which do not identify you or any other interested party.

For the same reason, we will obtain information about its general use of Internet through a cookie file, which is stored on the device. Cookies help us to improve the website and offer better content and more personalized. For more information about the use of cookies on this web page, please go to our Cookies Policy.

If you share your computer with other people, we remind you that you do not have to select the “remember my data” option when it is displayed on the web page.

13. Marketing.
We will only send you marketing communications by email if you have consented to do so.
If you wish to receive marketing communications you will be given a box in the forms used to collect information, which you must mark to consent to the aforementioned shipment. When we send you marketing communications via email, you can choose not to receive these communications by clicking on “cancel subscription” or “cancel” in the email. In addition, you can exercise your right of cancellation at any time by contacting us by means of a and providing the following information: your name, your email address, a telephone number and the communications of marketing that you would like to cancel.

14. How can they contact us?
By email

15. How do we manage the changes in this Statement?
The terms of this Statement may change from time to time. We will post any changes of relevance through the necessary notices, either on the web page or by contacting us through the channels that are appropriate.

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