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Values of the company

The development of a business has to be based on a number of important factors and values. These values are of vital importance for the well being of the enterprise. So that a good synergy exists, discipline has to be present. With the objective of achieving a high degree of effectiveness and profitability, Domoli prioritizes the application of these values at all levels and departments.

The principal values of Domoli are:

This is a very important value given that being self critical is to accept that as people we make mistakes but they can add to the sum of our experiences and knowledge which are essential in helping us grow professionally and personally.

This is a clear characteristic of successful businesses. Being proactive means taking the opportunities that come along from day to day. It means being able to predict, be intuitive and to respond intelligently to problems that can arise. One needs to be able to react instantly and efficiently in just about every situation.

Perseverance means success. It means being prepared to get up and work every day against the obstacles and problems that come along. Giving up and thinking negatively can destroy one’s motivation. One has to fight incessantly against those thought so as not to be beaten by them.

When things don’t go as planned, ajustments have to be made so we can change direction. One needs to be adaptable and to understand that things don’t always turn out as predicted.

This means understanding that we have to respect a series of orders and rules, as well as contributing to the growth and harmony of the space we work in and the people we work with.

To evolve with our ideas we have to learn things we don’t know and in today’s world, who isn’t prepared to evolve is destined to disappear. So the only option is to keep learning every day.

This could one of the most difficult of values to find in a business. It usually comes as a “letter of introduction”. Being disciplined in business means essential things like punctuality, faithfully following a plan, to have objectives and to work to achieve them, a strict separation between ones personal and professional life, respecting the resources of the business and in general, to have the determination to finish projects and not leave them half done.

Training is one of the most important pillars for the good operation and motivation of our great human team.

Great relationship between all departments, customers and suppliers, in order to be able to constantly improve relations.

The most important thing in a company is its human team. This makes everyone feel like an important part of the company.

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