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40 years experience

Domoli is a company in the metal industry from Olot that used to work in the meat industry.

A change in direction made more than 10 years ago, was decisive. A change in direction where investment in new technologies would open up opportunities all over the world.

A risk that with the passing of time has helped us improve our services.

These days we work towards simplifying the manufacturing process in a way that our clients can eliminate the middle man, save themselves headaches and can concentrate on the development of their product helped by our know how.

The experience acquired in the last few years has helped us be adaptable regarding changes in the market.

The trajectory of our business and its continual development with an aim to modernize and evolve our services has given us a certain solvency and recognition in the industry.

In the last 10 years we have incorporated the latest technologies to adapt to changes caused by the market.

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